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You deserve to be healthy!

At 36 years old, I was sitting in the Rheumatologists’ office crying when they told me that I had to be on two prescriptions drugs for the rest of my life. “You have no choice. It’s a quality of life thing.” “But you don’t understand, I don’t take prescriptions. Can’t I fix this with my diet or something?”, I asked.

This was my breaking point. Although I had seemingly been “sick” to some degree since I was around 7 years old, it wasn’t until I heard this life of prescriptions that lay ahead of me, that I realized I had to start trying some new things. Maybe some things that were “out of the box”.

By this point, I had over 13 different diagnoses (since I was a child) and was no stranger to “not feeling well.” Numerous surgeries for numerous conditions; my body had really been through the ringer.

Leaving that appointment with the Rheumatologist that day had me in tears. It had me shaken. I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, had been gluten free for almost 10 years, moderately exercised and made pretty decent choices on a day to day basis. How could this be happening? Why can’t I just get better, once and for all. I’m so sick of being sick.

About that time, or a little before that, I had been introduced to nutrition testing. I hadn’t done it until then because of the time, financial commitment to the appointments and the natural supplements, but coming out of that Rheumatology appointment that day cost me over $2,000….. for what? So, at that point, I realized I couldn’t put a price tag on my health. I would find a way to make it happen and finally get better.

I opted not to fill those two prescriptions the doctor gave me that day. I decided to pursue this path. The path to getting to the root cause of what was making me so sick. I was met with some resistance by my friends and family saying that I needed to take the prescriptions to make sure my joints in my fingers didn’t end up permanently damaged. They wanted me to take the drugs so that I could hold a pen again, open a door handle, open a jar, among other days motions and tasks that I could no longer do. But I just couldn’t bring myself to take this pills, especially without identifying what was causing this.

After just a couple months on the nutrition testing program and organic whole food supplements, the redness and swelling in my finger joints was almost gone. They weren’t hot and painful anymore. I was able to hold a pen along with all the other things that had been slowly diminishing.

So, what’s the point in telling you all this story? It’s because I want you to realize that there is hope. Sometimes you have to reach the breaking point of frustration to really realize that things need to change in order for you to feel better. You don’t need to “deal” with your symptoms. It’s not just “how you are”. You deserve to be healthy!

It was this path….a path of migraines, Celiac Disease, endometriosis, a hysterectomy at age 29, IBS, internal shingles, hypothyroidism and finally inflammatory arthritis….that led me to become a nutrition testing practitioner myself. I now can help those that are just as frustrated as I was and let them know there are other options and work with them to get them back to healthy again.

If this story resonates with you, or sounds like the journey of a friend or family member close to you, and you want to feel healthy again, please contact me. Let’s chat and let me explain more about what I do and see if you want to work together to start this journey.

Be healthy. You deserve it!

Amber Ahlberg (

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