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Frustrated with not getting to the root of why you don't feel well?

Are you struggling with not feeling well or just not feeling “like yourself”? Maybe you struggle with losing weight, anxiety, digestive issues, joint pain, inflammation, tiredness/fatigue or any other symptoms that take away from you feeling your best. We can help you.

Ayen Chiropractic is pleased to announce a new program offered through the clinic that can help you get back to healthy. As we approach the month of March, which is National Nutrition Month, it seems fitting to introduce this program to our existing patients and others that could benefit.

My name is Amber and I work with Dr. Ayen. Wellness, and specifically nutrition, is something that is near and dear to me. As an adult that has struggled with medical issues since I was a child, I am no stranger to that feeling of “I just want to feel like myself again. I’m sick of being sick.” Having had 13 different diagnose and/or surgeries by age 36 is what drove me to finally take my health into my own hands. Now, I have found a way to turn that “mess” into a “message” and help others get their health back without the use of prescriptions.


Our belief is that your health starts with nutrition. With proper nutrition, we can help our bodies fend off the invaders of every day life (air toxins, chemicals in products we use or encounter, etc) and we help build our bodies to be the strong warriors they are meant to be.

Proper nutrition starts with good quality, clean and healthy food. I mean, we wouldn’t even THINK about putting water into the gas tank of our car and expecting them to run well. Our bodies are no different, the output is only as good as the input.

Good food

Here’s the thing that most of us don’t realize (I know I didn’t until recently), even good food can only do so much. Unfortunately, our soil quality is nowhere near what it used to be 50-100 years ago. This means that food grown in our soil can only do so much for us, nutritionally speaking.

This is where organic whole food supplements come in to make up the deficit and/or help your body rebound from something it’s fighting. Fight it with whole food (no pesky side effects either…it’s just food. GOOD FOOD)!

Nutrition Testing

We are offering a program that tackles your body's nutritional needs using supplements. As part of the program, we also include nutrition coaching through food and lifestyle logging and building a relationship with our patients. We operate with the understanding that through the use of organic whole food supplements, a well-balanced diet, healthy lifestyle habits and chiropractic care, you too can get back to healthy. You deserve to feel good again!

I’m a certified practitioner of a nutrition testing wellness protocol called MFT (Morphogenic Field Technique). With MFT, we use muscle response testing to find out where your body (organs, cells, etc.) may be bogged down, fighting through food or toxin issues or where you need additional nutritional support. This is a non-invasive protocol that can produce tremendous results.

Contact us if you, or someone you know, could benefit from this program. We would love to connect and would be honored to help you through this process together.

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