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"I had been having trouble with a foot injury and made an appointment to see Dr. Ayen.  His office is a very welcoming environment and new patient intake was quick and easy.  Dr. Ayen is very thorough, he takes the time to not only diagnose the cause of the problem, but strives to help you prevent the pain long term.  He is truly interested in improving your overall quality of life.  After a few clicks of his Activator (completely painless), I was feeling better and was able to get back to my training.  Since then, my kids have also seen him for routine adjustments. I like that he interacts directly with them and always explains exactly what he is going to do ahead of time to make sure they feel comfortable. In short, Dr. Ayen is a skilled professional who is able to handle the ongoing needs of our whole family.  I can't recommend him enough!" -B.M. 

"Skip the medical clinic! See Dr Eric for your sinus, cough & cold symptoms!! No snaps, cracks, popping OR antibiotics!!" -L.H.

"I've now been in to see Dr. Ayen 3 times! In the past I've had off/on neck pain upon waking the morning. Usually it lasts for a good week (where I look like a robot when I try to try my head). This time, I decided to try a new path, so I called Dr. Ayen. He was able to get my in on short notice. Dr. Ayen did a thorough evaluation and explained what was wrong and why he was doing what he was doing. I hadn't been to a chiropractor that used the Activator method, but I have to say, it's fantastic! My neck pain was gone within a day. Now if I have something that doesn't feel quite right, I get to Dr. Ayen as soon as possible, instead of suffering! The clinic is inviting, Cindy at the front desk is warm and friendly and my treatment and outcomes have been beyond my expectations!" -W.S. 

"I went to Ayen Chiropractic because my digestion specialist recommended a series of adjustments as part of my healing journey. Dr. Ayen was not only comprehensive in his assessment, but kept me comfortable and relaxed throughout the process." -J.R. 

"I have been skeptical of Chiropractors due to the fact none of my family have ever used their expertise.  I experienced a shoulder dislocation and could not get relief from my medical doctor for the pain I had in my right shoulder for over 6 months. I was referred to Dr. Ayen and was told he could help me.  I could feel the lessened pain after the second visit.  I was so amazed at how good I felt with the diminished pain.  Dr. Ayen has been a tremendous help, and I would recommend him to anyone.  My husband also started going to Dr. Ayen as well right after he started to experience shoulder pain.  He found relief after the first visit and after a few visits he was back to pain free. Dr. Ayen explains clearly what he is doing, and his prices are very reasonable.  I am sold.   I hope you will give him the time out of your busy day to find out how you can live a life of wellness."  -D.P.

"Dr. Ayen is one of those doctors that goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary care for his patients.  Dr. Ayen delivers extraordinary results, genuineness, and attention to detail that is second to none in health care profession. I have always admired and respected Dr. Ayen for his professionalism, bed side manner, and overall passion and compassion for the patients that he serves. The people of Byron and the greater Rochester area are awfully fortunate to have someone of his caliber in their community.  They don't come any better than Dr. Ayen."  -E.F.

"I have always been leery of chiropractors and getting massages because in the past I have always left their offices in more pain than when I went in. I saw Dr. Eric Ayen yesterday (on his day off no less) because I have had an ongoing issue with my shoulder; not only was the adjustment painless, I walked out of there relatively pain free and I felt like the cost was very reasonable too boot! I will be a life long customer from this point forward. Thank you Eric Ayen!" -B.K. 

"Thank you for all your help and non-judgement guidance through the process of getting healthy. I truly believe the nutrition testing and standard process supplements have helped me. When I started working with you, my digestive issues kept me uncomfortable and I was always scouting out the closest bathroom OR I just would plan my activities to make sure I was home within five minutes after eating a meal. I look forward to continuing to work with you in this process of becoming a healthier me." -C.K. (a nutrition testing patient)

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