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What is Nutrition testing (MFT)?

Morphogenic Field Technique is an innovative energy signature testing procedure for homeopathic, nutritional and herbal practitioners who want to do more for their patients. It originates (“genic”) positive change (“morph”) and harnesses the power of the body’s energy fields at the cellular level. It is an integrated holistic approach that involves 100% natural and nutritional protocols custom matched to each individual’s needs.  There’s a truly natural way to help people feel and be their best.  Our protocol utilizes Standard Process supplements which are 100% Organic Whole Food supplements mainly grown in Wisconsin.

MFT utilizes muscle response testing to communicate with your body.  We establish a muscle lock in an arm or a leg and use that to determine what your body wants or doesn't want.  By acknowledging the energy field around you, we can introduce different things into your field and allow your body to tell us what it likes and doesn't like by reading your muscle lock.





My name is Amber and I work with Dr. Ayen at Ayen Chiropractic.  I’m a certified practitioner of a nutrition testing wellness protocol called MFT (Morphogenic Field Technique).  With MFT, we use muscle response testing to find out where your body (organs, cells, etc.) may be bogged down, fighting through food or toxin issues or where you need additional nutritional support. This is a non-invasive protocol that, when used in conjunction with a proper diet and chiropractic care, can produce tremendous results. 

I have firsthand experience with the healing effects of MFT, which is why I am now a practitioner.  By the age of 36, I had been given 13 different diagnoses and/or surgeries (migraines, lactose intolerance, internal shingles, IBS, endometriosis, Celiac Disease, hypothyroidism, TMJ dysfunction, inflammatory arthritis/pre-Rheumatoid Arthritis and had my appendix removed, a partial hysterectomy and exploratory abdominal surgery).  I had been on prescription medication since the age of 7.  My son was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis at the age of 10, my other son struggled with asthma and constipation since he was an infant.  We are no strangers to health “issues”.  After going through MFT, I was able to rid myself of those labels and any prescriptions that were advised to go along with them.  Through the use of organic whole food supplements, a well-balanced diet and chiropractic care, I am free of all symptoms attached to these “labels”.  I can say I finally feel “my best”.  Finally.  Just to see the difference, here is a picture of my swollen/inflamed arthritic fingers/hand before starting my supplement regimen and cleaning up my diet…..and my fingers just a few months into the program. 











(Top: My inflamed hands at the time of the inflammatory arthritis diagnosis – February 2017.  Bottom: June 2017 – 12 weeks later after starting the MFT protocol.)


MFT is a technique and protocol that consists of 12 visits, starting weekly for 6 weeks and then every other week for the following 6 visits. We advise this schedule due to the fact that a lot of people going through this process are trying to tackle a medical issue(s) that has been around for some time.  Since we use organic whole food supplements and NOT prescriptions, we are healing from the inside out and not covering up symptoms.  We will be getting to the root of the problem and this can take time.  By introducing these whole food supplements into the body on a regular basis, we see increasing success at a sustainable pace.   

Are you struggling with not feeling well or just not feeling “like yourself”? Maybe you struggle with losing weight, anxiety, digestive issues, joint pain, inflammation, tiredness/fatigue or any other symptoms that take away from you feeling your best. We can help you.


If you are interested in feeling better again, please contact me at  I look forward to helping you get back to healthy!  You deserve to feel good. 

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