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Activator: Why it’s different and how it turned this former skeptic around

I will be the first to admit: I was a skeptic of Chiropractic. I thought it was all a gimmick, an addiction and didn’t really do anything for you. Not to mention, I hadn’t had a neck or back injury, so there was no need, right? That’s what I thought.

Luckily, my mind opened up when someone close to me talked me through the myths and misconceptions and assured me that chiropractic care could help with some of my ongoing medical issues (issues a plenty).

With a complex medical history that consisted of various medications since the age of 7, migraines, exploratory surgeries, appendix removal, IBS and Celiac Disease among other things (believe it or not), I was open to trying anything. I was sick of being sick and I just wanted to feel better.

At a point of frustration with a lack of results from medications, procedures, surgeries, etc., I decided to give it a try…..still being a skeptic, of course.

The first adjustment I received was done using an Activator. I had no idea what this tool did, but I was assured there would be no loud popping, cracking, twisting and contorting of my body or neck (which, in all honesty, is probably one of the reasons I was hesitant of chiropractic care as well).

The Activator offers the same amount of pressure as one would use in doing a body thrust, but it’s all specifically pointed at the one area that is in need. It corrects what needs correction without messing with any other segments around it.

The first adjustment was okay, but I’m going to be honest… was nothing earth shattering. It wasn’t until about 3-4 adjustments that I could really start to feel a difference.

For comparison’s sake though, I decided to venture out and try standard manual adjustments for a few months through another doctor. Needless to say, I ended up returning back to solely Activator.

Here’s why…..

Activator follows a specific protocol. It's a methodical technique. It’s very precise, in fact arguably one the most precise method of adjusting (if you ask me).

Most importantly, my doctor explained to me that this protocol/technique was merely him having a conversation with my body. Um….excuse me? You’re talking to my body? Weird….I think. But tell me more. He wasn’t just going solely off of where I said it hurt, where he “felt something” while feeling around my spine or even off of what an x-ray told him.

Activator Methods uses a specific protocol that tests your leg length and when certain parts of your body are stressed/pressured (either by you following directions to put your hands on your lower back, etc. or the doctor stressing an area with his hand), your leg length will respond to let the doctor know if you have a segment or extremity out of alignment.

I know this sounds a little “woo woo”, but after you experience it a few times, you’ll start to notice a difference and understand how it works. Trust me. It turned a skeptic like ME around.

So now what….

I’m a believer. Through and through. Here’s what I now realize, adjustments help almost everything that happens in your body. Really, it does. It sounds like a bold statement, and it is, but I believe it.

What I didn’t realize before is that all things run through your spinal cord. When I say that, I mean nerve flow which is essential for all things good. My Chiropractor is my first line of defense when I encounter almost anything related to my body, not just my back and neck.

What does this mean? Simply put, if my stomach is bothering me….I see my Chiropractor and sure enough, he does the protocol and something is out of alignment in my back. Almost guaranteed it will be the segment that is directly linked to my stomach. If I’m having “female issues”, sure enough, something is off in the segment(s) directly connected to my reproductive system. I get adjusted, start to feel better and on my way out the door in 15 minutes or less.

I love Activator for its accuracy. There are times I didn’t know something was becoming an issue until my Dr. stressed that spot and it was tender. That reassured me and validated that he was on to something and caught it early (before it became a real issue). Remember, pain is the last thing to show up.

All in all, I feel better than I’ve ever felt before. I’m not on any medications and between a healthy diet, regular chiropractic care and a whole food supplement protocol, I’ve been able to manage or rid myself of any prior medical diagnoses.

So hindsight being 20/20, I find myself eating my own words. It's tough to do, but I guess I (like others) believed most of the myths and didn’t understand the extent of what chiropractic does for a body. I have now learned the value first hand and want to encourage others to try it and see for themselves.

Dr. Ayen was the trusted source that led me to Chiropractic and I am pleased to have him as my primary go to doctor. I encourage you to make an appointment to get to know him and how he practices and see if he can help you on your path to wellness, like he did for me.

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