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Try this to help stay healthy

I think we all know the standard saying. We hear it all the time when you’re trying to avoid getting sick: "get rest, drink plenty of fluids…", but did you know that there is another tool that you can add to your toolbox to help stay healthy this fall?


Now I know, some may shake their heads and say that “you only go see the Chiropractor when your neck or back hurts. They give you a good neck/back crack and send you on your way until the next time you hurt yourself.”

At Ayen Chiropractic, we believe that it is about so much more than only treating back or neck pain. We have a primary focus on health and wellness and strive to build a longstanding partnership with our patients that result in their optimal health. We welcome patients of all ages because no one is too young or old to experience the benefits of chiropractic. Everyone has a “healthcare blueprint” and we would like to work with you to identify yours and map out a plan to get you to be the best possible YOU.

So, how will Chiropractic care help me stay healthy you ask?

It helps to strengthen your immune system and resistance to injury and sickness.

Two things....your central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord. Your skull protects your brain; your spine protects your spinal cord. You still with me? Good. Here' the most important part......the nerves coming out of your spinal cord power EVERY organ, muscle, and tissue in your body. Needless to say, keeping that spine aligned is a pretty big deal. If that's "off", you'll be "off".

Already feeling "off"? Don't be tempted to delay making an appointment or cancel your existing appointment because you don't feel well. Believe it or not, THOSE are the times that you probably need an adjustment the most. Keep the appointment. Dr. Ayen wants to help you get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

As always, maintaining your health isn’t just one “magic bullet”. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People are busy. Just do your best in these areas, that’s all anyone can ask.


Most adults and children want to resist this. Children think that all the fun things in life happen after they go to bed and adults are always seeking those “extra hours in the day”. Get sleep. You need it. Your body (and mind) will thank you. The recommendations for sleep range from 7-10 hours based on ages (younger children needing the most). Shoot for 8 hours. Start winding down 30 minutes before your actual bedtime goal and that should help you fall asleep faster (that means no electronic devices).


We know. Drink more of it. Enough said. Shoot for eight 8 oz glasses a day. Here’s the tricky part though, you need to make sure to add an additional glass of water for every cup of caffeinated coffee/tea you drink, since they are diuretics.


Life is stressful for most of us. Jobs, kids, activities, housecleaning, grocery shopping, finances….the list goes on. There are many different ways to handle stress. Know that we all have stress and find something that works for you. Find someone to talk to (a friend/family member/support person). Take up a hobby. Meditate. Just sit and relax. Read. Journal. Do yoga. Get out into nature.


A lot of us come home tired after a long day at work. Whether you’re doing manual labor, sitting at a desk all day, teaching our children….most of us come home tired. Resist the urge to sit down the minute you walk in the door. Go outside. Enjoy the beautiful weather (that is above freezing for a couple of months still). Participate in or watch fall sporting activities. My personal favorite, just go for a walk.


No need to go out and get a personal chef. Meals don’t have to be gourmet and/or super complicated. Find meals that work with your families’ schedule and think crock pots and pressure cookers.

It’s best to avoid restaurants (even though it’s tempting to have someone cook for you). Staying at home for meal time will not only help your pocketbook, but it will help with portion control and avoiding nasty additives and preservatives restaurants may use. Not to mention, sitting around the dinner table as a family can’t hurt.

Focus on lean proteins, good fats, moderate healthy carbs and fiber. Remember, good fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. Increase the good fats like coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, grass-fed butter and ditch the sugar. Watch out for the sneaky sugar hiding in your protein bars and granola bars as well.


Live in the present. Take care of your body (your spine especially). Take care of your mind. Feel good, be happy and enjoy this moment in life knowing that you are doing the best that you know how.

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