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Getting people feeling better, regardless of where on the spectrum of wellness they are, is our goal!  We’re excited to continue building and learning this practice.  There is tremendous value in Chiropractic care, although it has its limitations.  Functional Medicine allows us the extra tools, tests and knowledge to help our patients beyond musculoskeletal care. 


You may be wondering…..

  • How do I know if this would be a good fit for me?

  • Have you struggled with a chronic illness and frustrated with current treatment and not feeling improvement?

  • Does your gut health need improvement due to indigestion, nausea, gas, bloating, constipation, clearing throat often, abdominal cramping, etc.?

  • Do you feel aches, joint pains, swollen or hot joints and/or general body stiffness?

  • Do you have hormonal struggles (men and women both) that could use addressing?

  • Wonder what you could do if you already feel well but are interested in feeling even better?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, Functional Medicine might be right for you.


What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is the clinical application of systems-based biology. Functional Medicine asks how and why an illness occurs and/or optimizing and restoring overall health by addressing the root cause(s) of disease for each individual by using specialized training and testing. 


How does it work?

This approach looks at the whole body.  Instead of looking at individual symptoms, we will investigate multiple factors that may be causing a condition, or we may look into multiple conditions causing one symptom. Think of it as connecting the dots between the symptoms to find the underlying root cause(s).


Functional medicine practitioners use various lab tests to help them understand their patient's unique physiology and decide what treatment plan (oftentimes consisting of high quality non-pharmaceutical supplementation and/or diet and exercise modifications) is best for them. While the tests utilized will vary for each patient, they can include hormone testing, gastrointestinal panels, inflammatory marker testing and/or micronutrient tests.


How is this different from going to my medical doctor?

Medical doctors have extensive training in a lot of areas, but unfortunately nutrition and root cause analysis medicine are not those areas.  Also, medical doctors don’t have easy access to the many varieties of lab tests that we do and they don't have the investigative time to the extent that we do.  Our patient process includes intake forms, medical history, questionnaires, symptoms surveys, etc. and there are hours of work that we do to connect the dots and put together a plan for customized healing for individuals.  

Please email or call to schedule your FREE consultation!  ::  507.624.0777

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